Ashtanga Your Way

On Sunday 1st March Myself and Tiff Jackson will be hosting an Ashtanga workshop at Workout Harbourside in Bristol!

This workshop will be an explorative look at the ashtanga primary series - predominantly focusing on Surya Namaskara A + B, and the standing sequence.

In this workshop we will explore the biomachenanics of each asana within the series and making it work for your body. Sometimes ashtanga teachings can be quite prescriptive. We want to help you understand how each posture will look and feel different for each individual and how to make it work for your own body.

We will also explore the philosophy of ashtanga, as well as take you through the breathing sequence. Tiff will finish off the practice with asanas from the yin style of yoga, for a well-rounded practice. 

This workshop is perfect for you if you wish to delve deeper into understanding the biomechanics behind the asana and how to make yoga work for you as an individual. 

Tiff will be primarily leading the workshop - I will be adding to Tiff's teachings with my own knowledge from my trainings and research, as well as assisting Tiff with various hands-on assists to aid you in your practice. 

You can book directly by getting in touch with Tiff or myself. All details are in the poster above. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

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