Yoga Beyond Asana Series: Part One - Yoga and the Chakras

This is the first of my ‘yoga beyond asana’ series, designed to help colour your yoga experience and deepen your knowledge. Asana is the physical practice of yoga and how many of us come to discover and engage with yoga. 


These courses are perfect for people who are starting to get into yoga or have been practising a while, but want to gain more insight and understand more beyond the movements and postures we do on the mat. 


Yoga and the Chakras will delve into the chakra system. If you’ve ever wondered what on earth your yoga teacher is talking about when they mention the ‘svadhisthana chakra’, or if you already know a little bit about chakras but would like to learn more, then this is for you. 


In this webinar we will look at:

  • What the chakra system actually is and its links to yoga

  • The relationship to the chakra system and what we now know about our physiology and anatomy

  • Each individual chakra, as well as the system as a whole

  • Practical ways to work with the chakra system both in your yoga practice and in daily life

  • Insights into how the chakra system relates on a collective and societal level (i.e. beyond just the personal).


This will take place on Saturday 16th May via Zoom, beginning at 11.00am. This is a webinar but I want to make this as interactive as possible so there will be time for questions throughout as well as afterwards. 

The cost of attending is £12.00.

If you are having financial difficulty right now then slots on a pay-what-you-feel or free basis are available. Just get in touch if this situation applies to you - no judgements or questions asked!


If you are interested in joining or have any questions then you can get in touch by emailing me at

Alternatively, you can pay directly via Paypal the following details:

Paypal email:

If you pay via PayPal I will be notified via the app immediately and can then verify your space via email.

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