What can you expect from one of Beth's classes? 

Expect to connect with your body, mind, and soul. Expect to expand the heart as you find strength and space within the body. Expect to find inner peace as you bring awareness the breath. 

Integrity is at the heart of Beth's yoga classes. Beth encourages self-awareness and safe practice through alignment, use of props, and connection with the breath and the subtle energies of the body. 

Beth honours the source of yoga and her own lineage through the use of mantras, sanskrit, pranayama, and yogic philosophy, yet does this in a way that is accessible to all.

You will leave one of Beth's classes feeling healthily challenged, stronger, and more flexible, not only physically but also in life. 

Beth's classes are suitable for all levels and she welcomes beginners with open arms. 

Beth first came to yoga as a Journalism student at Cardiff University. As a young person who partied a lot and didn't lead the healthiest of lifestyles, Beth found that yoga gave her a sense of wholeness, calm and clarity that was missing elsewhere in her life. She fell in love not only with the physical practice, but with everything yoga stands for spiritually and philosophically. Since that moment, Beth has made it her mission to infuse yoga into her life, and knew that she would one day want to teach yoga and pass on this sacred practice.


After graduating from University, Beth's practice became sporadic for a few years, but was something she always came back to. In 2018 Beth rediscovered her spirituality and started delving deeper into her own personal practice, before taking the leap to complete her teacher training.


Beth completed her 200 hours teacher training in the world-renowned Himalaya Yoga Valley centre in North Goa, under the guidance of Lalit Kumar. Beth has been trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa style, with Iyengar methods of adjusting and alignment. Beth's training included learnings in meditation techniques, Pranayama, kriyas, the Chakras and the energetic body, yoga philosophy as based on Patanjali's Sutras and the 8-limbs, and an introduction to Ayurveda. 


Beth doesn't just 'do' yoga, but lives yoga. She practices yoga just as much off the mat as on the mat - bringing compassion, honesty, and contentment to everything she does - an energy she wishes to bring to her classes and her students. 


Beth is based in Bristol, UK. She has public classes around Bristol and is also available for private and small group classes. See her schedule for more information.

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